Operations Management Trainee Program Week 1

This week began the second class of operations management trainee’s in Pittsburgh, PA. Upon arrival at RMU, we were able to meet our new coworkers and get to know each other even before we started work. It was beneficial to be able to start this experience as a team so we were able to support each other throughout the first six weeks.

We started our first day at the PPG building in downtown Pittsburgh where we spent the majority of our first week hearing from various leaders in the company and getting an overview of how the company functions as a whole. It was eye-opening to hear from the senior leaders in each department about their specific roles in the company and how we will become a part of Heinz’s success. As trainees it helped us to visualize where we could end up in the company years down the road.

The last part of the week was spent at the Innovation Center which is located about 20 minutes outside of Pittsburgh. Here, we got a closer look at the R&D and Consumer Insights side of Heinz. We toured the pilot plant, research labs, and got to hear from the head of R&D for HNA. Towards the end of the day we even got to participate in a cutting of many Heinz products.


Outside of work, we’ve really enjoyed exploring Pittsburgh. In the short time that we have been here we have visited a number of good restaurants, museums, and some of us even went to the Pirates vs. Phillies game at PNC stadium.

We are looking forward to continuing the OMTP training here in Pittsburgh.


Written by Nick Panetta and Hayley Theodorakakos

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