Operations Management Trainee Program Week 2

This week was our second as Operations Trainees. It was time for us to take a break from Pittsburgh and corporate life to dive straight into an operations role. This entire week was spent in rotations at three different plants in Ohio. These three plants were crucial to visit because they all play incredibly different, yet key, roles in the company.

Massillon was the first plant we visited. This plant specializes in frozen foods. Their most popular brand is “Smart Ones” which is paired with Weight Watchers. This facility allowed us to explore a number of different jobs in the frozen food manufacturing environment.

Fremont was the next plant we visited, which is Heinz’s flagship ketchup manufacturing plant. Fremont makes far fewer SKUs than many other plants and focuses on varieties of Ketchup for North America.

These jobs require a strong level of focus. We were all inspired by the dedication that these employees had to delivering the highest quality product to our consumers.


In Mason we got to see the portion control side of the business where hundreds of different sauces, jellies, and condiments are prepared in small packages for restaurants. We again had the opportunity to work on the lines and get a feel for how the plant functions from the ground up.

Overall, the Ohio tour has been an incredibly enlightening experience. Not only have we gained a better understanding of what exactly our roles will be once in our permanent locations, but we’ve worked the roles in production that help us gain a more complete understanding of the business. This will definitely aid us in becoming well-rounded leaders.

We look forward to finding out our placements later next week!

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