Sales Management Trainee Program Week 3

We just finished Week 3 – our time here in Pittsburgh has been flying by and we have been learning a ton!  This past week included an in-depth look into the Foodservice side of the business.  We got to hear from our Managing Director of Foodservice for North America, and our Director of Foodservice Sales for the East/ Central regions of the United States.  It was very interesting to hear from both of these top Heinz leaders about their experiences in the field and with Heinz.

Throughout the week, we also got the chance to participate in many different cuttings at the Innovation Center, which included us trying everything from soups to ketchup to our premier Escalon tomatoes, which are grown out in California.  We also got to tour one of Heinz’s distributors and see the back of one of our operators. We rounded the week off visiting Fremont, Ohio, where we got to tour our largest ketchup manufacturing facility.  It was a jammed packed week, but very insightful about the Foodservice part of the business!

This past weekend the trainees were excited to immerse themselves in the city of Pittsburgh, while participating in a community service day with Grow Pittsburgh. Several of the trainees agreed that a company’s level of engagement in Corporate Social Responsibility was an important factor when searching for a job. This Saturday, we all learned that the H.J. Heinz Company, and its employees are proud to be a part of and give back to the greater Pittsburgh community. As a global food company that focuses on sustainability, Heinz supports Grow Pittsburgh, which is an organization that promotes urban agriculture through educational programming, community gardens, and edible schoolyards.

We gathered at Braddock Farms for a day of urban farming. With very little previous farming experience, we were eager to learn about the various practices. First, we started with basket weaving tomatoes (which we found very fitting working for a ketchup company). After a lot of laughs and hard work, we moved on to tilling potatoes. The Braddock Farms Manager taught us that the potato mounds had to be raked into piles to encourage more potatoes to grow. During our time working, we were able to talk to him about Grow Pittsburgh and specifically Braddock Farms. He informed us that the farm is organic and grows various types of produce that is then sold at a local farm stand and to local Pittsburgh restaurants.

After a hard day of work, we were able to try fresh black raspberries and strawberries from the farm—some of the best we had ever tasted! Overall, it was a great day spent working together out in the greater Pittsburgh community! Thank you Grow Pittsburgh!

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