Sales Management Trainee Program Week 4

This week we were lucky enough to go visit the Canadian headquarters in Toronto!! Although the drive up was incredibly rainy, we left early so that we could stop at Niagara Falls!

On Monday we focused on learning all about the Canadian side of the business, including all of our Canadian customers.

We also learned that much of the Canadian market is discount format, because the consumers want fresh food at the cheapest price.  We also had Key Account Managers come and speak to us about the different products. Interestingly, Heinz is one of the market leaders in the Canadian baby food market.

On Tuesday we traveled to visit the St. Marys plant, which is about two hours from Toronto. This plant was very different from Fremont for a lot of reasons. The biggest reason is that Fremont makes Ketchup and only Ketchup, whereas St. Marys makes many different products. We got to see how the line changes go and try all of the many delicious products that St. Marys makes.

When we came back from Canada we participated in Excel training, celebrated a trainee’s birthday and participated in a Heinz Stop Hunger Now event where we packed over 20,000 meals with Heinz Micronutrient Campaign sachet s to support Our Vision of helping to grow a better world. Next week we participate in yellow belt training!

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