Corporate Management Trainee Program Week 2

With our Onboarding Week behind us, we quickly shifted our focus to the first of several immersions: marketing. The Marketing function at The Kraft Heinz Company is extensively data-driven, a theme that recurred throughout several projects we took on during the week.

Our first project, Market Missions, invited us to walk a mile in our consumers’ shoes as we shopped for groceries and dined at area eateries using the budget and diet constraints from a given consumer profile. In particular, eating out presented a unique challenge—how do you feed a family of four on $5 a person while only choosing gluten-free products? For many groups, portion sizes were small and prices were high, leading to some frustration as we searched for meals that met our consumers’ nutritional and budgetary needs.

With our “dining out” experience completed, we headed off to several local grocery stores. As we wandered the aisles, it immediately became apparent that our consumers often face difficult trade-offs between price, quality and convenience. Though the challenge initially seemed daunting, as we continued to brainstorm, menu plan and problem solve, our teams were ultimately able to offer solid, data-based suggestions for The Kraft Heinz Company to cater to these consumers given their constraints. We capped off the exercise by presenting our findings to leadership, an invaluable opportunity for us to not only receive feedback from key decision makers within the Company, but also to learn a little more about what strategies and approaches are actually being implemented within these teams.

As the week drew to a close, we enjoyed a welcome reception with Company leadership. As we sampled some of The Kraft Heinz Company’s new flavor innovations, we had a chance to speak informally with leaders from many different functional areas. All were gracious and willing to answer our (many!) questions, and offer advice for our upcoming weeks. With our first full immersion week under our belt, it was time to shift gears from how the product is sold to how the product is made, as we launched into operations week.

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