Sales Management Trainee Program Week 5

This past week we were very lucky, and honored, to be picked to undergo the Yellow Belt certification of Lean Six Sigma. Our trainer was named Javier, and he was a Master Black Belt. He was a great teacher and communicator, and always seemed to know the right times to give us a short break, or make us do a group activity so that our interest was always 100%.

Lean Six Sigma is all about operating efficiently, both at work and in your personal life. We learned different ways that Six Sigma can be applied in a factory, to an inbox for email, and many other things. One of my favorite things we learned was the Pomodoro technique. In it, a person sets a timer for 25 minutes. During this time the person will be solely focused on one particular thing, and will brook no distractions. When the timer rings, the person will then take a 5 minute break. This cycle is repeated 5 times, and then the person takes a longer break. This technique makes it easy for a person to concentrate on one thing, and get that thing done.

Another great thing about this week was that we got to spend the entire time with the Operations Trainees. Since they were taking the class with us, we were always split into groups with them and it really encouraged us to get to know each other better. Next week, we are going to the South for our Foodservice field immersions!

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