Operations Management Trainee Week 6

During our final week of training we were lucky enough to travel to California to visit the research seed farm as well as the Morning Star and Escalon tomato processing plants. After an early morning flight on Sunday, we spent the day sightseeing in San Francisco before we jumped in our minivans and drove to farm country.

omtp6 2

We started our trip at the Heinz research farm in Stockton where we learned about the important and complex process of developing Heinz’s proprietary seed varieties. We learned about how the seeds are developed from parent plants and then tested to determine if they possess useful characteristics for different tomato products.

On our second day we visited the Morning Star and Escalon processing plants. At these locations, fresh tomatoes from all over California are trucked in and processed to produce different tomato products such as paste, canned tomatoes, and various sauces. It was eye-opening to see all the behind the scenes processes to produce ingredients that we’ll be using in our factories very soon.

We’re all very excited to be moving to our plant locations later this week for our final placements!

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