Sales Management Trainee Program Week 6

It was finally time to say goodbye to our home away from home of Point Park University in Pittsburgh because our cohort was heading out into the field! Each of us had been assigned a Territory Business Manager (TBM) to shadow across the country to get a first-hand experience of what it is really like to be the go to sales person for The Kraft Heinz Company.

The week started off with a TBM coming to pick us up from our hotels bright and early Monday morning. Introductions were made and we zipped off! First stop, picking up samples from a distributor. Each distributor does things a little differently, but for the most part there is a will call booth with a friendly receptionist that will help you get the products you need.

Next on the agenda: sales calls. As trainees, we were definitely a little nervous to get in front of a customer, but The Kraft Heinz Company sales force are pros and really showed us the ropes. It was so much fun having the opportunity to sit down with managers, chefs, or operators that made the purchasing decisions for their restaurant. If this was someone who already bought our products, the conversation focused on  how else we can service them tohelp them grow their business and improve their quality of food. Sometimes, we have a completely new customer and it brings in an entirely fresh and interesting conversation! The bottom line of any sales call is finding out how we at The Kraft Heinz Company can help them grow their business!

One of the most exciting parts of this week was the chance to make soup to bring for the customer to sample! It was an entirely new experience for us to wake up and make soup first thing in the morning. The best part, our soups smell delicious and are incredibly high quality products! We definitely saw that having samples for customers to see, smell, and taste adds an important experiential element to the sales call.

Some other highlights of the week include building displays for products, touring larger client’s facilities, and trying amazing local cuisine!

Each city has a different flavor of food and restaurant trends, which means the sales force really needs to have a good handle on their territory. After a week of shadowing and gaining a better understanding of the Foodservice side, our training has reached a whole new level. For those of us landing on this side of the business, we feel ready to face on challenges and grow our relationships with restaurants across the country! Next week we’ll have the opportunity to shadow a Regional Sales Manager on the Consumer Products side!

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