Corporate Management Trainee Program Week 4

As a recent graduate from the Wharton School of Business, I’ve been looking forward to our Finance Week since the beginning of our program.

Our two case studies for the week handled the CapEx (capital expenditure) role within Supply Chain Finance and ZBB (Zero Based Budgeting). As someone with an academic background in finance, what I found unique about these cases compared to those in school was the tangibility of the scenarios. Rather than being handed a twenty page case full of seemingly meaningless tables and dialogue, these presented us with hard data that had a concrete impact on the daily operations of our global business. Whether it was assessing the value of new plant equipment or recommending efficient changes to our travel policy, each was tied to real challenges faced within the company.

While the two case studies gave us a view of some of the challenges facing the company, our week also featured broader insight into the workings of the organization. Our cohort arrived Tuesday morning to listen to the global employee meeting, a semi-annual presentation. Leaders across the business provided insight into what they had learned from the successes and mistakes they had experienced in recent months. Even more importantly, each speaker offered actionable feedback of what others in the company could learn from each set of decisions. This level of transparency in the name of continuous improvement was a truly impressive showing of the Kraft Heinz Company focus on growing the business through ownership and humility. It is quickly becoming obvious that the corporate values we were taught during the recruiting process are not simply words to attract ambitious candidates, but truly are the lifeblood of the company.

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