Sales Management Trainee Program Week 7

Back in Pittsburgh! This week, six of us made our way back to Pittsburgh, while the other three were headed to Tampa for our Consumer Products Field Immersion week. It was great to see everyone again after being away the week prior for Foodservice. During the week we were able to spend time with a BDM (Business Development Manager) and an RSM (Regional Sales Manager) to see what they do on the consumer products and retail side of the business. It is an extremely interesting and exciting time to be starting with the new Kraft Heinz Company!

Two days during the week we were able to go around to different grocery stores in the region with our BDM and RSM to understand how different stores have completely different structures and plans to how they want to represent products. It was interesting to understand all of the effort that has to go behind the planograms and shelf organization and how that can drastically impact sales.

As for the part of the week we were most anxious about—getting our placements!!! Finally after weeks of waiting, we found out where we will be heading in August. We have Sales Analysts headed for San Ramon, Cincinnati, and Bentonville and TBM’s going to San Francisco, Chicago, and Metropolitan New York. One of the best parts about this program is that we now have a network of close friends within the company spread out all across the nation that we will be able to keep in contact with and keep up with the amazing opportunities that have been set before us!

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