Corporate Management Trainee Week 5

This week, the Corporate Management Trainee cohort traveled to various sales offices across the country to learn about the commercial side of the business. Our group traveled to San Ramon, California, right outside of San Francisco, to better understand our local customer relationships. Other groups went to Bentonville, Arkansas, while others traveled to Cincinnati, Ohio.

The morning after our arrival, we were greeted by a cheerful Kraft Heinz Company California team, ready to share their office experiences with us for the upcoming days. As the day progressed, we learned about all aspects of the sales function, including the roles associated with category management, commercial performance and insights, and in-store execution. One the most important things we learned about was the significance of the partnership with our retail customers to drive sales and collectively work towards improving both parties’ bottom lines. After spending time in the classroom, we proceeded to travel to a local customer office to visit a model store, where shelf displays are planned for upcoming seasons. This experience was followed by an actual store visit the following day, where we were able to see the planning in action on the floor. Overall, the trip provided valuable insight into how the business works with and supports our customers to achieve a common goal.

Beyond all that we learned, it wouldn’t be a trip to California without a stop to In-and-Out Burger. After spreading our Heinz ketchup over numerous burgers and delicious fries, we continued our Cali food tour with a stop to Ghirardelli Square for dinner and dessert. To top off the day, we watched a beautiful sunset over the Golden Gate Bridge. The trip, while at times tiring, brought us closer together, and allowed us to learn more about the Company and each other. Another great week of training in the books!

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