Operations Management Trainee Week 8

Helen Vancil- Muscatine, IA Facility

It is the end of my second week here in Muscatine, IA in the Quality Assurance department.  Although I will not be taking on my quality role until September, most of my time is geared towards a quality mindset with the main focus being our QRMP (Quality Risk Management Program) audit and GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) audit.

Upon arriving my first day, the other trainee at this location and I went through the traditional new-hire procedures including: plant history, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), Safety/PPE, a walking tour, and online training programs.  Additionally, our managers reviewed what our projects would be and ways in which we could get started.  The remainder of that week was spent meeting fellow employees through shadowing on the floor, group meetings, and project work.  Overall, the first week was general onboarding.  All of our days were scheduled through the People Solutions team and the majority were spent on the floor.

During the second week, however, we were much more hands on. Also, it was our first real chance to meet our departments and to work alongside them at our very own work stations!   I specifically worked on HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) Plans, gravy formulations, documentation control, and customer inquiries.  It felt great to be immersed and doing meaningful work as a part of the Quality team.  At the end of a busy second week, my manager decided we needed to have a little fun with something we like to call “Foodie Friday”.  On Foodie Friday the whole team brings something in to share and we all have a meal together.  Here’s me enjoying some chicken salad!

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