Sales Management Trainee Program Week 8

My name is Alec Kinard. Last week, our cohort of Sales Management Trainees was on our field immersions. I was located in Portland, Oregon for the week shadowing a Territory Business Manager on the West Coast. We went to a food show and networked with many school superintendents and decision makers on the school board.  Many of them were interested in the Company’s innovative dispensers for school lunch rooms. We also called on a casino on the coast about switching out their current mustard for our new Heinz Mustard. Two weeks ago I was in San Antonio, Texas shadowing another Territory Business Manager. It was interesting to see the different products sold in the different geographic reasons. For example, in San Antonio (where it was 108 degrees) they don’t sell a lot of soup in the summer because it is so hot. On the other hand, in Portland, Oregon (where in July it was 50 degrees) they sell a lot of soup because of the cooler conditions.

Aside from work, Portland was a very cool city to visit. I am from Georgia and have never been to the West Coast. I was able to see the Pacific Ocean for the first time in my life. It was also very cool to see how the culture and the way people live compared to other parts of the country.

My placement is in Bentonville, Arkansas as a Category Analyst.

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