Corporate Management Trainee Program-Week 7

What a week for the corporate trainees! This was a particularly exciting stretch for two reasons: we embarked on a weeklong problem solving immersion class, and we finally received our initial project placement. By the time we all left work on Friday, the energy seemed to be exploding out of the walls.

Though the team will be leaving the classroom setting of the last seven weeks behind, we do so well-equipped to tackle our projects. Our last week focused on a Problem Solving class that challenged everyone to find innovative and effective solutions to various problems.

Once the course ended, the weeks of anticipation were over, and we were individually given our first projects. These projects span across every function within the company. Some of us will be working hard to effectively allocate promotional spending in grocery stores, others will help create new recipes that consumers will be enjoying in a few months’ time, and a few will even help decide how to market some of the most beloved brands in the world. Perhaps what is most thrilling, is that we’ve been given the tools to know we can face these unique projects head on.

Now it is up to us to take what we have learned over the past few weeks, step up to the plate and use these skills to push The Kraft Heinz Company toward a bigger and better future.

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