Operations Management Trainee Program-Week 10

As I near the completion of the shadowing phase of onboarding at the Mason, Ohio plant I can say that it has been nothing short of a rewarding learning experience.

During my first few weeks, I spent several days in each of the departments including receiving, maintenance, sanitation, quality, production, and processing where I gained hands-on understanding and observed day-to-day activities. Mason is a Heinz Portion Control plant that produces many different sauces/condiments that you may find at restaurants and fast food chains.  This makes it a high volume, high variety facility, where the cohesive nature between departments is an important piece of maintaining productivity, and that has been very evident. With such variety also comes a large number of ingredients, creating quite a logistical task for material movers throughout the facility which has been great to learn about.

Shadowing colleagues throughout the plant has been a great opportunity, not only in better understanding job function, but in getting to know some of the awesome people that work here. Within the next 2 weeks, I will be taking over as processing supervisor, which I know will prove to be another great learning experience.

Outside of work, Cincinnati has been a great city to explore and learn about. With many professional sports teams, summer festivals, and an up-and-coming restaurant scene, there has been no lack of things to do.

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