Corporate Management Trainee Program-Week 9

This was the moment we’ve all been waiting for. After 7 weeks of intense, fun and incredibly interesting training, we finally got called up to the big leagues and received our first project placements! We will first spend several weeks in the classroom doing training and having general information sessions to give us a broad perspective of the business as a whole. Then we spend 6 weeks out in the business working on different projects, meeting with business leaders one-on-one to continue learning. After our first rotations, we come back into the classroom for just a few weeks of leadership training before getting our final rotations, and then our final placements.

After 7 weeks of training, all of us in the CMTP were excited to get out into the business, to really start adding value. We’re all here because we want to do impactful work for a great company right off the bat. Kraft Heinz really gives you an opportunity to jump right in—they lean on you very early on. It’s amazing to get this kind of autonomy right out of school, but within our first projects, we have the ability to take them as far as we can.

A few things that I picked up on during my first week in the office: Kraft Heinz really practices what they preach when it comes to the open office floorplan, and the high visibility of the MBOs “Management by Objectives.” I sit at a table with the rest of the Foodservice Sales  and Foodservice Marketing teams. I can look over my computer and ask questions to either my manager or anyone else who may be able to help me. Other people are constantly walking up to get answers or going to one of the nearby meeting tables to sit down and collaborate. What’s more, everyone’s goals are displayed right at the end of every table. Such high visibility to each person’s individual performance indicators helps to hold people accountable while also providing their peers with an opportunity to think about where they can contribute.

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