Corporate Management Trainee Program-Week 9

Two weeks have passed since we began our first project rotation, and it’s hard to believe that we’re already one-third of the way through this first project. All of the corporate management trainees have been hard at work in different roles within the company, learning how the company operates while also making an impactful contribution to the business. Our daily lunch breaks have taken on a new level of excitement, as everyone shares the latest challenges and triumphs that they’ve experienced within their roles.

For my first project rotation, I’ve been working with our frozen snacks team, looking at the marketing landscape for a few of our biggest snack brands. I’ve loved applying the knowledge that I learned in school, along with my creativity and problem-solving skills. It has been a great balance of qualitative and quantitative challenges—looking at why consumers love our frozen snacks while also crunching the numbers and examining our more recent sales data. It has been very rewarding to work on the nutritional content of our snack brands, as the food industry becomes more and more focused on healthy eating.

Above all, I’ve enjoyed being a part of a team within the Kraft Heinz family. While I’m directly responsible for my individual project, I also get to partake in the day-to-day activities of the frozen snacks marketing team. Being able to sit in on meetings and participate in weekly supply chain calls has given me new insight into how our business operates. I’ve also been able to help out the team in other ways, such as reviewing a new website design for one of our brands and giving meaningful feedback to the team.

As we turn towards the third week of our project rotations, everyone is eager to make more progress and learn more about the company. I’m personally looking forward to my mid-point check in at the end of this week, and I’m eager to share the insights that I’ve learned with my team!

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