Corporate Management Trainee Program– Week 12

#BetterTogether. This is what the back of my recruiting t-shirt proclaimed in big, bold black letters – complete with a cartoon blue Kraft Macaroni ‘N Cheese box and red Heinz Ketchup bottle holding hands. I fell in love with my t-shirt as soon as I saw it. What better way to convey the excitement I felt about the company?

This past week, I, along with several other Corporate Management Trainees, received an amazing invitation to return to our schools – not as students, but as alumni. To be specific, alumni recruiters. Finally…a chance to sit on the other side of the table! Having just graduated from Penn State a short four months ago, I jumped at the chance to revisit the place I called home for the last four years. I was excited to share the enthusiasm and buzz I felt about my future.

And boy did our booth look good… I loved the warm wood-grain backdrop of our signs and the bright, colorful products! As soon as the doors opened at 11 AM, students began to trickle in and before I knew it, there was a line of four or five people waiting. All day long, I shook hands; I collected resumes and listened to thirty-second pitches. But more than that, I connected with people. I bonded with a girl over wanting to work somewhere I could make a difference; I had a great conversation with another student about the concept of “ownership” and how incredibly empowering it feels to own your work. By the time I looked up, it was already three o’clock and I had completely forgotten about lunch. Soon, employers around us were beginning to tear down their booths, even as a handful of students continued to approach ours.

When it was all over, the other recruiters and I pooled all our resumes and chattered excitedly about candidates. I have only been at Kraft Heinz for a few months. But, the chance to visit my alma mater and share my love for Kraft Heinz with students whose position I was in only a year ago, felt like I brought my journey full circle. I met some amazing individuals, and their contagious energy gave me inspiration for my work as well.

As the sun set behind the mountains of Happy Valley, I switched my headlights on for a night drive back to Pittsburgh with a sense of great satisfaction and hope.

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