Operations Management Trainee Program — Week 15

The Massillon, Ohio facility certainly is a unique facility in the Kraft Heinz portfolio. Currently, this facility produces Smart Ones® frozen meals and desserts, and Ore-Ida® Easy Fries. This facility has seen a lot of change throughout the years – from pizza to quiche to hundreds of different meals – and will likely see more in the future.

Throughout my first couple of months as a production supervisor in Massillon, I’ve had the opportunity to learn the manufacturing processes for  many different products. The combination of products being produced on a given day is always changing so there’s always something new to learn. Having the opportunity to work on projects with quality, maintenance, and continuous improvement departments has been invaluable in helping me learn how the facility operates as a whole.

Currently I’m working on a special project and I’ve put together a team which consists of operators, mechanics, and supervisors from each department in order to come up with the best ideas for how to improve one of our processes. I’m looking forward to successfully completing the project and getting into my role as a production supervisor.

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