Sales Management Trainee Program–Week 15

My name is Hannah and I am a Customer Sales Analyst on the Kraft Heinz team. I was placed in Arkansas with two Trainees from my cohort. Now that we have been here a little over a month, things are starting to fall into place as we settle in our roles. My day usually consists of preparing standardized reports and completing ad hoc requests. My reports can range anywhere from a daily sales tracker to looking at price comparisons. I look forward to mastering the systems I use on a daily basis and becoming an expert in my role. The past month has been an amazing learning experience allowing me to become dynamic throughout the office. I am surrounded by extremely intelligent people that are always willing to help in any way that they can.

As for living in Arkansas area, it is top notch with all of the shopping and activities you could want. This is especially true if you have an outdoorsy personality. Each weekend I try to go and explore somewhere new. So far, I have kayaked down the Buffalo River and hiked to Whitaker Point and the Yellow Rock Trail Overlook.  The views are absolutely breathtaking and make me antsy for my next adventure!

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