Corporate Management Trainee Program– Week 13

This is the final week of our first project rotation—the time to wrap up our projects.  It’s bittersweet for a number of reasons: we have to say goodbye to our teams, prepare to move to new projects, and in some cases, prepare to change locations. But for many of us, myself included, the hardest part will be handing off our project materials to another member of the team to carry on.

My project rotation was with the Customer Service Export Team. I was charged with optimizing our export network. It has been very challenging. But, along the way I discovered that it does complement my skills, especially when it comes to understanding how the supply and logistics sides of the business operate. I’ve definitely enjoyed putting my Excel, analytics and problem solving skills to the test.  My project involved designing one of the most intricate and complicated models that I’ve ever seen, but it had to be user-friendly enough for someone to dive right into it.

Despite the melancholy of departing, everyone is looking forward to our last weeks in the classroom, Leadership and Entrepreneurship Weeks, and applying what we’ve learned for our final project. For my final project, I am moving to Idaho to work in one of our facilities just over the border in Oregon. My new role will be as a Human Resource Generalist, with special emphasis on the Labor Relations aspect of the job: my field of study. I couldn’t be more excited!

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