Sales Management Trainee Program — Week 16

I’ve been in Bentonville, Arkansas for a little less than 2 months as a Customer Business Analyst. Four days after getting here, the Kraft and Heinz offices merged together. Now everyone is working together under one roof.  I support the entire sales team here with many ad-hoc requests. The majority of the analysis that I do is for products such as Macaroni & Cheese, Capri Sun beverages, Maxwell House Coffee and Oscar Mayer products. I also run weekly reports that the entire office uses. It’s great to see my work being used by other people in the office. If you like the outdoors, then this is the place to be. There are numerous hiking trails here with beautiful views of the Ozark Mountains. There are also many places to hunt and/or fish.  The University of Arkansas is in Fayetteville which is about 20 minutes south of Bentonville. I have been down there to a few football tailgates and had a great time. I look forward to continuing to explore the area and meeting new people.

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