Corporate Management Trainee Program Week 16

Today our cohort began our second week and our second placements. For me that means a placement in Marketing on the Velveeta team, or “Team Yellow” in Chicago. This second placement has been as much of a learning experience outside the office as it has been inside the office.

Two-thirds of the cohort were relocated to Chicago for our second placements last week. We all quickly learned the important skills of lease buyouts, finding Chicago leasing agents, hiring movers and apartment searches. While some new hires sought out studios, others paired up as roommates and moved to the Loop, Gold Coast or Wicker Park. Others, like me, reached out to the wonderful world of Craigslist. I quickly found several potential options throughout the western edge of the city and quickly met some potential landlords via Skype and was happy to find a reasonably priced three-story home to share with the owner.

With housing under control and the Metra only a 10-minute bike ride away, I was prepared to meet my new team and begin my new project. Working as a Marketing Analyst, I am taking over the role of an Assistant Brand Manager on the Velveeta team. On day one, I was introduced to my team and the projects I would be working on. My first deliverable was due in four days. The company wastes little time getting new hires acclimated into new roles and new projects. In both my first placement as a sales analyst and in my new role as a marketing analyst for Velveeta, I have quickly found that if you are prepared to be challenged and work at an exciting pace, the company is more than prepared to see what your potential truly is.

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