Corporate Management Trainee Program Week 15

Now that we have received our second rotation placements, we are anxious to take on our new roles within the company; but first, we tackle Leadership and Entrepreneurship Weeks to recap and apply some of our learnings.

Entrepreneurship Week starts by challenging us with one hour to come up with a product pitch. All of us then present our ideas to the “Board of Directors” judging panel. We are given specific goals for a Shark Tank-style 90-second pitch, with the criteria to meet a >$100 million Net Sales Value (NSV) within three years. Then, the winning six ideas are given “$500,000” to start up their venture.

Within the teams, we function much like a startup. We assign every person on the team a broad executive title and create our own schedules. My team opts for the foodie route—choosing to grab lunch together (and rightfully so since our app is focused around food shopping)! Our idea starts as an app to help you map your grocery route. We draft a business plan focused on creating a grocery community in which novice and experienced shoppers share the best deals and quickest routes within the store.

The goal of this week is to take some of learnings from our past placement and see how we can extend those learnings into other functions.  I worked on the Marketing Research team in my last placement, so I am able to utilize my connections and network access to assess key trends in the grocery industry. Did you know the primary shopper to household ratio has shifted from 1:1 to nearly 2:1? With this finding I’m able to conclude that with more shared responsibility over grocery shopping, new shoppers are taking on new roles. With many people unfamiliar with the best ways to save time and money with shopping, our app fulfills a need. This need will ultimately allow us to generate the $100 million NSV by year three through partnering with manufacturers to target promotions towards consumers.

The final evaluation day arrives and our team is so excited to share our discoveries with the  judges and the rest of our cohort. Our prize?  A one-on-one coaching session with a personal brand expert! How cool!

It has become very evident to all of us in the trainee program that ownership is a key value of the employees here at Kraft Heinz. Our presentations are more concise, persuasive, and confident than when we started. We now recognize how  our training has helped us develop our business acumen and flexibility to be confident in all different functions and roles.

Even though we will now be dispersed throughout the company, working together in the trainee program has helped create a network to ensure  our successes in the future. Looking forward, I wish all the trainees the best of luck in our new roles!

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