Operations Management Trainee Program Week 18

There is always something to learn here at the Kraft Heinz Facility in Muscatine, IA. In college I studied Food Science at Purdue University and was placed as the Quality Assurance Supervisor here in Muscatine.

Quality Assurance touches every aspect of the facility, which I can honestly say has been such a pleasant surprise.  Anything and everything that affects the end product, involves Quality. The past 12 weeks have been filled with activities that will better equip me for my job. I have attended training sessions, audits, and worked on various projects.  One of my favorite things about my new job is meeting other Kraft Heinz employees.  Throughout my time here, I have had the privilege of forming relationships with our entire team; where I once used to walk in knowing no one, I now have a second family.

I feel like the phrase “It’s not what you know, but who you know” is the embodiment of my life. The best pieces of advice my manager gave me were: “Someone knows the answer to your question; you just have to know where to look.” Another piece of great advice, was “to be patient with yourself.” For now, I continue to live by these pieces of advice and one day, I hope to be the person that other employees turn to for help.  For now, that’s all from Muscatine!

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