Sales Management Trainee Program Week 22

We all have officially been in our roles for about three months now. I was placed in Bentonville, Arkansas working as a Customer Business Analyst. We have gained a lot of exposure to the business through weekly and monthly reporting that we are responsible for. I also had the chance to work on some interesting projects over the duration of my time in this role that have the opportunity to make a huge impact for the Company.
Arkansas is called the “Natural State” and it really is! There are so many outdoor activities that you can participate in. It can be kayaking on the Buffalo River to hiking on one of the numerous trails around the area. There is even a trail that runs 60 miles round trip and spans four different cities. This trail has been packed during these beautiful fall days with runners, walkers, and bikers. We have had a great time exploring the area and enjoying the beautiful scenery! The picture is from one of our hiking trips at Devil’s Den State Park, where we hiked up to the Yellow Rock Overlook to see all of the fall leaves.

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