Corporate Management Trainee Program Week 22

It’s hard to believe our time as trainees is coming to an end. This week I wrapped up my second project and had the opportunity to present all the work I have been doing over the past six weeks to my team. I have been working in Brand Marketing, but my project is also relevant to key stakeholders in the Sales and Consumer Insights areas. It was rewarding to see how relevant my project was to cross-functional areas of the business.

My six week project was a great way for me to get up to speed in my new role in Foodservice Marketing. I extensively researched the categories I will be responsible for (mayo and salad dressings in foodservice). After digging into the data, I developed strategic recommendations for next year. One of the most fun assignments I had was tracking salad dressing flavor trends. It was awesome to see how the work I did will directly impact my team’s strategy for 2016. As part of the trainee program, we also have the opportunity to present our projects to our peers. I’m excited to hear about what everyone has been doing for the past 6 weeks! The report-outs are a great way for all of us to learn from each other while also practicing our public speaking and presentation skills.

The trainee program has been ideal for me because after graduating, I was not sure which business function would be the best fit for me. I studied Economics and was interested in both finance and marketing at Kraft Heinz. I had the opportunity to immerse myself in finance for my first project, and then switch over to brand marketing for my second project. I’m planning to stay in my role in brand marketing and I could not be more excited. Now that I have had a taste of both functions, I am confident that brand marketing is the best place for me.

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