Corporate Management Trainee Program Week 20

We just finished the second to last week of our final rotation – bringing us into the final stretch of our Corporate Management Trainee Program.  By now, many of us are close to finishing our projects (if not done with them) and starting to transition into our full-time roles.  Many of the trainees also received their own MBOs this past week, which speaks to the Kraft Heinz culture of ownership and holding you responsible for your results. MBO, short for Management by Objectives, is a system that shows every employee what their priorities and key projects are for the year. It is a pretty unique part of working at Kraft Heinz – one that allows every individual to take ownership within their role, and to connect to the overarching vision and values of the company.

For this second rotation, I am working as a Marketing Analyst for the Sauces and Frozen Business Unit, focusing specifically on Kraft Salad Dressing.  My project for this rotation is to optimize the assortment of Kraft salad dressing on a customer level, and to discern what future innovation might help us achieve our goals.  I created a tracker in Excel that allows our sales teams to view our salad dressing SKUs through different lenses to benefit them during line reviews.

This rotation allowed me to focus on building my analytical abilities as well as my Excel skills, which is crucial at a data driven company such as Kraft Heinz. I look forward to graduating from the program and transitioning into my role as a Marketing Analyst.  I’m excited to apply what I learned from these past several months, and continue to learn more and more.  The opportunities are endless!

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