Corporate Management Trainee Program Week 23

Now that our final rotation is over, we are transitioning into our permanent placements. As our second projects come to a close, we will all continue working within the same teams that we’ve been a part of for the past two months. I was one of the few trainees who had the same placement for both of my projects and final job assignment, working in the packaging R&D department within the Sauces and Frozen Business Unit. My transition has been seamless since I’ve already been working in the department for about 3 months. I’m enjoying taking on more responsibilities and learning more every day.
Through the Corporate Management Trainee Program, I have really been able to see the functions of many different departments in a huge CPG company. The network we’ve built with the other trainees is amazing- I often know information, or who to contact about new projects, leading to a much faster-paced work environment which is fantastic.

A few of the most interesting things I’ve done so far are:
– Attended the launch of a ‘Big Bet’
– Developed an entirely new frozen meal
– Worked on a cost-out project that is projected to generate significant savings
– Brand Maintenance work on over 10 different Kraft Heinz Company brands
– Learned about packaging, which was a totally new field from my background in chemical engineering!

Being exposed to this variety of rigorous projects is something you can only experience at Kraft Heinz. It’s hard to believe I graduated just 6 months ago- I’ve learned so much!

The Kraft Heinz board is meeting today and last night the Innovation Center held a dinner for the Board of Directors and senior leadership. The culinary team prepared a variety of different Kraft Heinz inspired food, which was all delicious! A few employees were asked to help serve and give tours of the facilities. I was chosen to give a tour and I also had the opportunity to meet and talk with the Board of Directors! Undoubtedly, this was one of the coolest experiences I’ve ever had.

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