Corporate Management Trainee Program Week 24

It’s hard to believe that our time as Corporate Management Trainees is almost over! As our second project rotations came to an end, each trainee gave a presentation about the results of their project. With the Talent team, our managers, and our HR Business Partners in attendance, it was very rewarding to present the process, insights, and results of our work over the past six weeks. Being able to own the domain of your project and answer questions about your work is a really rewarding experience after six weeks of hard work. Now that our projects have concluded, each trainee is transitioning to their permanent roles within the teams they’ve been working with. I’m excited to become a Marketing Analyst on the Kraft Natural Cheese team!

As 2016 begins, all of the Corporate Management Trainees are excited about our upcoming graduation ceremony. At this point we’ll get to conclude our program with our CEO, Bernardo Hees, and officially transition into our new, permanent roles. While this will be a very bittersweet moment, we’re all excited to continue owning the parts of the business that we’re all working on. Regardless of our job title, we’re all looking forward to staying connected to the trainee program with regular check-ins with the Talent team. All of the trainees have become close friends outside of the office, and our graduation won’t change our personal friendships.

Before the holidays and 2015 came to an end, it was a great treat to attend the Kraft Heinz holiday party in downtown Chicago. This was an awesome opportunity for the entire ‘Kraft Heinz family’ to come together outside of work and celebrate all that we’ve accomplished as a team this year. The party featured a number of Kraft Heinz products on the buffet tables and a hilarious ugly sweater contest. Another added bonus was an opportunity to tour our new office space in the Aon Center, which we moved into after the New Year. Everyone is excited to experience a true open-office environment, which will enable collaboration and make our teams more efficient and productive. I’m personally excited about the move to downtown Chicago, to be in an exciting neighborhood with the energy of the big city. There’s a lot of excitement and many good things to come in 2016!

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