Operations Management Trainee Program Week 1

Welcome to the Spring 2016 Operations Management Trainee blog! You will get a unique look into the Chicago-based program, and be able to closely follow our whirlwind six month adventure to graduation. The group consists of eight trainees from various backgrounds, so each week we will provide a different outlook on what we’ve been up to.

We were lucky enough to attend a welcome lunch on Sunday where we met the members of our program, as well as those participating in the Sales and Corporate Management Trainee programs. The following day, we began our journey at the Aon Center in beautiful downtown Chicago! The beginning of the week included an overview of the program schedule/expectations, a broad look at the company, and most importantly, presentations by many company leaders. By far, the highlight of the week was getting to sit down with the CEO of Kraft Heinz and hear his advice for us as future leaders, followed by a meet and greet with graduated trainees!

While the Sales and Corporate trainees spent their Thursday walking our customers aisles, the Operations cohort visited our largest plant in Champaign, IL. We toured the facility, participated in a delicious product tasting and attended an operations shift-change meeting, which gave us a real-life look at what our placement responsibilities could be. We finished the week by volunteering at the Northern Illinois Food Bank. We packaged donated food that will be distributed to our neighbors in the metropolitan area, truly a great way to give back and cap off our first week!

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