Sales Management Trainee Program Week 1

After graduating with a degree in Marketing from Clemson University this past December, I entered the Sales Management Trainee Program here at Kraft Heinz. In just the first week, I’ve already met Kraft Heinz CEO Bernardo Hees. It was a great experience – I was impressed with how he took the time to meet with us and emphasize the high level of commitment that the company has put into our training program. We also sat down with other members of the Company’s leadership team, including Sergio Nahuz, the head of US Sales, and George Zoghbi, President of the US Commercial Business.

In addition, we were welcomed to the Kraft Heinz team through a variety of activities such as visiting key customers and participating in a volunteer project. We spent time at two local grocery stores to walk the aisles, learn more about our product placement and better understand how our products are distributed and sold.

The week concluded with our team giving back to the local Chicago area with an outing to the Northern Illinois Food Bank. Our entire training cohort met at the location and helped package thousands of pounds of food for those who were unsure where their next meal would be coming from. It felt good giving back to the community and was a great way to spend time getting to know our fellow trainees.

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