Operations Management Trainee Program Week 2 2016

Week Two of the Operations Management Trainee Program has come to an end! Before the week even started, all the trainees spent the first weekend in Chicago after getting to know each other. We had a great time as we took advantage of what I believe is one of the best parts of the programs– creating connections with future leaders of the company. As the weekend came to a close, we began Finance week.

The thought of Finance week made me feel excited. I have some background in Finance and was eager to see what the material that I was going to learn. The week started at a very fast pace. The first person we met was the previous Global Head of Budget and Business Planning and the current Head of US Commercial Finance. He helped us understand the structure of the financial system at Kraft Heinz and gave us words of wisdom. As the day came to an end, we were introduced to different leaders in Finance and the different roles, such as: BBP, controller, tax, internal auditing, revenue management, and most importantly Zero Based Budgeting(ZBB).

The next day, we were introduced to our first case study. We were able to work on the case study in different groups and, most excitingly, we were able to report at the end of the day. Thursday was my favorite day of the week. We were broken up into different groups and spent the whole day doing a business simulation. The simulation helped me understand the bigger picture of running a company, as well as different financial terms. The week came to an end with a final case study where we learned the concept of CapEx. The group was able to report in the form of a “shark tank” pitch. On the final day, I was also able to shadow one of the previous trainees currently working in the finance department. I would rate the overall experience of the week above excellent. Although we will be working in Operations for the company, it was really helpful to understand the finance aspect of Kraft Heinz.

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