Sales Management Trainee Program Week 2 2016

After graduating from the University of Cincinnati, I will be joining the Kraft Heinz sales team in Cincinnati, OH following our initial training in Chicago. Our training cohort just finished up Finance Week and it was a great experience. We started the week with several company leaders introducing themselves and their various Finance functions throughout the company. From the US Commercial Finance Leader to the North America Business Service Leader, we were trained by various team members of our company’s financial department. This was only the beginning of a great week.

We then had the chance to put those lessons to use in a case study. Our objective was to implement some key company strategies into a budget. On Wednesday, we took part in a business-simulation board game. Our group was split into four teams and we portrayed companies competing against each other. It was an engaging way to learn about the fundamentals of business finance. The following day, we worked through a different case study involving a capital expenditure request; it was a realistic preview of what some of our employees work on each day. Some recent trainee graduates had lunch with us to answer some candid questions about their experiences. I also had the chance to shadow a former trainee for a few hours to get a better perspective from someone who was just in my shoes.

Finance Week offered great exposure to our company’s financial functions. As a group we met multiple company leaders, completed two engaging case studies, and had the chance to play an exciting simulation board game. This week flew by and we are all looking forward to next week!

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