Corporate Management Trainee Program Week 3 2016

What comes to your mind when you think of operations? Take a second and think back to when you were in elementary school. How did you think companies worked? If you were anything like me, all you thought about was the stereotypical office setting where people in suits looked at charts and discussed sales. If you were like me you couldn’t have been more wrong. Operations week in out trainee program dives into all aspects of a business that you never knew existed.

Our week started out with presentations from the Global Head of Logistics, and the managers of each function across the supply chain. You might think of tomatoes or dairy when you think about Kraft Heinz, but you rarely consider the tremendous effort it takes to bring those materials from the farm to our stores. Between planning, procurement, transportation, storage, and distribution, it’s a complex process to get your product to your customer’s warehouse. We reviewed it all and even got to hear from each of the Business Unit heads.

We then had the privilege to travel to an Oscar Mayer manufacturing plant in Davenport Iowa to learn first-hand what this company really does. We started off the day with some presentations from all the leaders who really run the plant, and then moved to taking the tour. This is the aspect of business that impresses me most of all. No matter how many strategic plans you create, or how much you invest in projects, a company’s success comes down to its manufacturing facilities and people that operate them.

This whole week was truly a testament to how much Kraft Heinz cares about and trusts this program. Even outside the program itself, you can tell how dedicated everyone in the company is to the program. No matter their position or title, everyone in the company is willing to talk with you and help you grow. To me, this is what makes Kraft Heinz a great company. We are all owners, even those of us who are just starting our careers here.

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