Operations Management Trainee Program Week 3 2016

Operations week is here–the week that all the Ops Trainees were looking forward to. The week covered an understanding of the company’s entire supply chain system, including logistics, manufacturing and procurement. After receiving an overview we were able to shadow someone in supply chain and visited our second plant during our time here.

The visit in Muscatine, Iowa was interesting because we learned about how the facility produces multiple lines of sauces. We also learned about the efficiencies that exist in the production processes. What was more interesting was to see Adam, one of the Corporate Trainees, awe struck during his first plant visit. From seeing some of the most efficient and quickest lines, to seeing robots palletizing, Adam was very impressed. It was refreshing to get a different perspective on the manufacturing plants, because all the Ops Trainees have had the word “efficiencies” deep-rooted in our brains for years.

Nick and I were fortunate enough to shadow Kyle, a production planner. By shadowing Kyle for a day, we quickly learned the importance of being a problem solver in a dynamic and variable environment. Kyle shared some of his thoughts and ideas of how he could solve some of his problems and shared that having experience in the plant could help him build a better understanding to push through his problems. From an OMTP standpoint, it was assuring to hear. Most importantly, it was great to get to know Kyle on a personal level, and it was apparent he genuinely cared about our well-being. It’s a common trend I’ve come across within this organization.

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