Sales Management Trainee Program Week 3 2016

This week’s training focused on operations and logistics–which included S&OP (Sales & Operations), Customer Supply Chain, Procurement and Transportation. We really got a well-rounded overview from our leader teachers as part of a visit to the six-story manufacturing facility in Davenport where Oscar Mayer, Lunchables, and Deli Fresh products are made. Managers of different functions such as Continuous Improvement, Business Development, and Finance took time out of their busy schedules to introduce us to their roles at the plant.

I was especially impressed by their dedication to food safety, quality and consumer experience. There really is a great focus on reducing waste and finding cost-saving initiatives across Kraft Heinz. We then suited up in protective gear for a tour of the production lines! It was fascinating to observe how packaging and machines operated and they provided delicious samples of Deli Fresh products afterwards.
During the week, we also completed a case study simulating a supply planner’s responsibility for creating production schedules and managing inventory. What I learned about operations is that it takes a collective effort from efficient teams to gather accurate forecasting and execute timely strategies in order to meet customer demands. We are looking forward to R&D immersion at the Glenview facility next week!

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