Corporate Management Trainee Program Week 4 2016

This past week was Food Science week, and it was definitely one of the coolest weeks of the program. Aside from growing closer as a group, we were able to benefit from the knowledge and experience of our amazing leader when we visited the Glenview Technical Center.

Food Science week was broken down into three sections: R&D, Packaging, and Quality. The R&D portion exposed us to some very cool products set to hit the market within the next few years. We were able to see multiple pilot plants, which contain some of the impressive equipment used to engineer new products. We learned about the role of packaging in both function and marketing, and had the opportunity to see a fascinating Color 3D Printer that is used for prototyping. The quality portion of the immersion week helped us to gain a greater understanding of how our products are tested and kept safe for consumers.

Food Science week also featured fun hands-on activities. We participated in a mock sensory test (eating Baker’s™ Chocolate!) to learn how Kraft Heinz tests new products. We experienced a close look at the development of new products by working in groups to develop new flavors. Additionally, we experienced the culinary group’s role in creating new recipes by tasting delicious “Loaded Totchos,” which are made with Ore-Ida® Tater Tots® potatoes, Kraft® cheddar cheese, Kraft® Ranch dressing, Breakstone’s® Sour Cream, Oscar Mayer® Bacon, and chives. Food Science week provided us with great insight as to how Kraft Heinz remains innovative for continued growth while maintaining quality as a global company.

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