Operations Management Trainee Program Week 4 2016

Food science week was a great experience! We learned about all of the aspects that go in to developing new products, the process for innovating existing products, and the company’s commitment to product quality. We were given the opportunity to work on a case study in designing new packaging, which highlighted the variety of roles and functions that take part in the process.

We also toured the Kraft Heinz Research and Development facility which was very cool to see! The tour included a look into the pilot plant, packaging testing, and product facilities. One of the product testing facilities included an insight into the consumer testing side of R&D! We learned about all of the different things that are looked at when a consumer tries a product as well as how to properly taste a product and describe its taste accurately. Luckily for us this included a hands-on demonstration with chocolate!

We were also able to hear the head of the culinary department discuss recipe construction with Kraft Heinz products. One thing that I didn’t realize was that the culinary team is involved in product development from the get-go. After this week it is clear to me just how much work goes into making Kraft Heinz products great!

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