Corporate Management Trainee Program Week 7 2016

After learning about nearly all aspects of the company, we had one function left to tackle: marketing. We learned all about how marketing works at Kraft Heinz, including the importance of data and the role it plays in influencing nearly all marketing decisions.

We also got the chance to step into the shoes of our consumers; we completed “Market Missions,” where each team was given a consumer profile and had to shop and eat on a specific budget with certain restrictions (gluten free, organic/natural only, etc.). This opened our eyes to the many different types of consumers that are out there, and the complex relationship that exists between quality, price and our brands.

Our group was given an opportunity to show our creative side as well. We were given a simple task– sell your idea about changing an attribute of one of our products. Each individual had to think like a marketer, and present their idea to a panel of Kraft Heinz marketing experts. Everyone had great ideas, and the challenge was a success!

This week was bittersweet though, for we officially said good-bye to the Sales and Operations Trainees as they move out to their field sales offices and manufacturing plants. It was such a unique opportunity to learn and work with people from such different backgrounds, and now we all have these amazing connections across the country in the company that we can use for the rest of our careers!
Next week we start our first projects and could not be more excited to start contributing to Kraft Heinz!

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