Corporate Management Trainee Program Week 8 2016

Monday was another first-day-of-work for all of us—we all started our first projects in our respective functions. This is a hands-on immersion into the workplace, giving us six weeks of opportunities to contribute to real projects that will go into effect within the year. I am working in Marketing within the Philadelphia Cream Cheese brand team to assess how the brand has been performing and how we can make it better than ever. The brand is a $1B brand with a lot of equity and consumer recognition—how exciting that a trainee gets to work on this brand! My fellow trainees have different projects in exciting areas like Foodservice Finance, Budgeting, Operations, Ketchup Packaging, Cheese and Dairy Revenue Management, IT, and Cool Whip Marketing.

The first week included a lot of learning—how the entire organization operates day to day, how the Philadelphia brand fits within the company, and how my particular team works together. My manager was incredibly helpful in transitioning me from a classroom-style setting to my project assignment in Marketing.

Learning how to start and organize my project efficiently was also an important part of this first week. My role on the Philadelphia Marketing team gives me an opportunity to gather and analyze data to help direct the future of the brand. I know that the skills I gain within this project will definitely be valuable in the future. This week was just the first step, and I can’t wait to learn more and personally contribute to the business!

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