Sales Management Trainee Program Week 8 2016

Hello all! We have all been relocated to our assigned teams this week. It took some time to get settled in, but once I got to my office Monday morning, I hit the ground running! The team set up a “Welcome Breakfast” for me to get a chance to meet everyone and introduce myself. Everyone at the office has been extremely kind and welcoming; and most importantly, completely understanding and patient. Although my six weeks at our co-headquarters in Chicago was very beneficial and one of the most fun experiences I have ever had, there is still a tremendous amount of information to learn. Lots of acronyms and all sorts of different lingo, but we have an extremely strong support system.

I have been assigned my first data analysis project and started working on it right away. I am excited to be able to positively influence my team with my work. I became good friends with many of my fellow cohorts over the last few weeks and already miss them but we are staying in touch. I am extremely excited to finally be in my office, at my desk, and working on a project. It really is a great feeling! I am looking forward to my time here in Cincinnati, OH.

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