Corporate Management Trainee Program Week 9 2016

It is the second week of our first rotation and I can’t believe how much we have all learned in our different functions. All nine of us have been hard at work in our roles and are now getting more comfortable with our projects and new teams. It is amazing how our cohort has become not only a network, but also a support group as we face various challenges. Now when we meet at lunch and to spend time together, it is so exciting to discuss the different challenges and successes since starting in our roles.

For my first project rotation, I am working with the Operations Business Development team on an exciting packaging project. This project requires significant effort in coordinating and working with cross-functional teams to gather, analyze and verify data so changes can be implemented. I am leading the work with our external graphics agency to execute the graphics updates. It is a fast paced and challenging project that has allowed me to learn a lot. It is very rewarding being a part of a project where I can see results every day.

My favorite part of my project is that I am part of a large team working together. Not only have I learned more about how our business operates, but there are so many diverse backgrounds on the team that help me learn from their experiences. There is so much knowledge within our company, and through this program, I have gained so much of this knowledge. It is amazing to see how my fellow trainees and I have grown through the past nine weeks.

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