Operations Management Trainee Program Week 9 2016

We’ve now reached the end of week 2 at our factory in Iowa. My colleague and I began to settle into a routine. For the next month, we will splitting our time between the “Academy Tour” where we learn all the parts of the business on the plant level, and our Yellow Belt project, which we will complete and present to company leaders later this summer.

Monday and Tuesday were the conclusion to our manufacturing portion of the Academy Tour. During these two days, we dove deep into slicing, packaging, and outbound shipping of all the products made within the facility. This process included spending time with operators on each part of the process, as well as getting to perform the operator duties. I found this to be one of the most eye-opening parts of the tour so far because the tasks the operators do are MUCH more difficult than they make them look. It was truly a way to keep me grounded as I go through the transition into a Production Supervisor role; these are the people who keep the company moving forward. The rest of the week was spent introducing our Yellow Belt projects, as well as getting acclimated with the key people that will help us along the way.

As we move into Week 3, we are excited and ready to take the project head-on and hopefully deliver something truly valuable to the leaders!

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