Sales Management Trainee Program Week 9 2016

Hello! I was placed as a Sales Analyst on the Parsippany, NJ team. Since relocating, I have spent one full week in the office and another in the field with our sales vendor partner. Everyone based out of this office has been incredibly welcoming and I am eager to start learning the various systems to pull key data insights and drive sales.

I had an interesting learning experience shadowing different retail coverage merchandisers (RCMs) with my partner in dozens of grocery stores. They are our boots on the ground team that make sure our products are stocked, visible on shelves, and readily available for consumers to purchase. I got to work on cross-merchandising strategies, packing out items from the backroom, and observing how they work with the grocery managers to increase incremental sales.
On living in NJ: There are many vibrant communities to explore —it is also a 50 minute drive to New York whenever you want the big city vibe!

The photo is an example of a cross-merchandising display I built, pairing Heinz Ketchup with Ore-Ida French fries in the frozen section of a store!

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