Operations Management Trainee Program Week 10 2016

The end of the second full week at our factories has come to an end. Transitioning from corporate in Chicago to my factory in Jacksonville has been nothing but smooth and I am getting to the point where I am finally able to meet every single person who works in the factory. All the experiences from Chicago have been useful as I am able to tie together many things going on in the factory and understand the reasoning behind them.
My arrival at the factory was met with a complete schedule of what I would be doing for the first six weeks before heading back to corporate. I was also introduced to my Lean Six Sigma “Yellow Belt” project and the impact it will have on the operations of the plant. The first week I was able to learn about the roasting process of coffee and how the bean is received from the suppliers all the way until it is grinded and stored. The second week I was in the packing area of the plant. I saw the process of coffee after it is grinded to being shipped. This second week was very insightful for me as my project is based out of the packing area. I was able to talk to all the employees and get useful information that will be critical to creating a solution to my project after coming back from Chicago. During this week, I was also able to see the operation of the premium line as well as the receiving and shipping department.
Next week, I will be shadowing the maintenance department. I will see all the planning that goes on and the preventative maintenance that takes place. So far, the experience has been amazing. The best part about my role has been the people. Everyone has been helpful and resourceful in answering my questions. I am very excited about this opportunity and curious to see where it takes me

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