Sales Management Trainee Program Week 10 2016

What an exciting week it has been! Back from sales training, my week started off bright and early Monday morning with a coffee chat with my manager, just like every week since joining the team. This is the perfect way to start a week in my opinion. It allows us to talk through the week, set expectations, and answer any questions. The day then progressed with calls as part of our weekly rituals and routines.

Tuesday was probably the most exciting day since I started 10 weeks ago! It was the day I received my first project. My manager and some other team members met to outline what I would be working on for the remainder of my training program. They explained that I would be working on a sales strategy for a major national retailer. This is a project I am thrilled to be working on as I will get to use my knowledge from my previous weeks of training in Foodservice and the Business Units, as well as be able to dabble internationally as I examine the business in Canada.

For the remainder of the week, I began work on the first steps of my project. I ended the week by following up with my manager on my progress. I also had a monthly check-in call with the Head of Sales. My team, manager, and the company as a whole are committed to fostering my success. Needless to say, I am looking forward to the next couple months here in Chicago!

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