Corporate Management Trainee Blog Week 11 2016

I can’t believe we’re actually reaching the halfway point through our first project rotation. I already feel like I’ve accomplished so much. We’ve been told one thing consistently since day one: We are here to learn. It has been an awesome environment to work and learn in every day, not just working with my project and team in IT, but also talking with my fellow trainees about so many different aspects of the company. It has become more and more apparent how lucky we are to get the exposure we have, and to know that we always have our training group to look back to for help and advice.

My project is centered in IT, and I’ve been analyzing the process and all the different systems that product information and content go through before they appear on e-commerce sites, or other digital platforms. To get the full scope of this process, I’ve been working with R&D, experts in Master Data, Brand Managers, Foodservice/Culinary, and various other stakeholders in the process. It’s been incredible to connect with people from so many parts of the company that will be able to help me even when I finish this project and continue my career with Kraft Heinz.

Most of all, I’ve been impressed by how people on and off my team get excited about what we are all doing through this program. Whenever I explain the projects we are working on, they are very excited to help. Everyone I’ve worked with has been great at connecting me with anyone that can help me with my project, and even with people who could help me with career goals as I move on.

After sharing my current analyses, I’ve even been asked to help another project team put together training materials for marketers coming in to this program. I am very excited to present my findings and proposed plans for improving how our company manages its product data.

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