Sales Management Trainee Program Week 11 2016

I have been in Minneapolis for a month now and it is amazing how much I have already learned. My manager and the entire team have been extremely helpful and welcoming as I get acclimated to my new home. My first project deals with analytics for the Cheese and Dairy Business, which is really exciting considering how important data is in this industry. I have been learning how to navigate the various systems while pulling data to make further recommendations for the business. I am really looking forward to further developing these skills and becoming an expert in my role.

During the first six weeks in the sales management trainee program, I experienced cross-functional training in the classroom and truly have been able to apply that knowledge, as well as use my resources to assist with my current project. I have stayed in touch with the other Trainees while here in Minneapolis. This week, the Sales Trainee cohort had a group check-in where we discussed our projects and accomplishments. This allows us to stay connected and collaborate with other sales teams.

As part of the company’s rituals and routines, each Field Sales office prepares a deep dive presentation on their business. The office has been preparing for this presentation and my manager has been awesome at including me on this preparation. This has been an incredible experience for me to truly learn the business and the customer. I am looking forward to sitting in on these presentations and continuing to develop my skills.

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