Sales Management Trainee Program Week 12 2016

Over the past few weeks, I have been getting acclimated to working in the Tampa Sales Office on a large customer team. This customer covers a vast portion of the southeastern United States and is organized into 5 major markets. It has been a unique challenge to learn about the internal workings of our sales office, but also to begin understanding our customer’s structure and business methods.

Within this time frame, I also began my first Sales Trainee project on product distribution. After analyzing our distribution data, meeting with our customer business leads, and determining execution strategies with our retail team, I chose two SKUs as priorities to focus on moving forward. If we are able to increase and maintain distribution on these items, this could lead to a large increase in sales.

Life as a trainee is not all number crunching though! During my first month with the team, I was able to go to Miami where we conducted a thorough strategic retail visit. I have also participated in customer facing meetings, numerous calls with our headquarter teams, and am even signed up to play a charity golf tournament to benefit the Special Olympics!

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